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About YAA!

We are facing a moral dilemma, where drugs, crime, poor education, sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS), poverty, and health disparities are ravaging our communities and taking our most vulnerable youth hostage. A challenge lies before us all and we must act in order to create sustainable change in our homes, schools, and communities. It starts with us!

Brief Description of the Youth Ambassadors Academy:
The Youth Ambassadors Academy (YAA) is a multifaceted youth development, empowerment and life enrichment program, engaging young people between the ages of 10-18. Our Youth Ambassadors proudly carry the message of self-direction and motivation in preventing and reversing negative social outcomes through creative, responsible change strategies and solutions. The YAA activities and curriculum are strongly geared to support the needs of minority and vulnerable youth. The primary objective of the program is to improve the overall health and well being of today’s youth, resulting in a reduction of many of the social issues facing youth, families and communities. YAA works to reduce disparities in health and other social issues by motivating, inspiring, educating, engaging, and empowering youth to take the lead, which will influence and drive sustainable change.

Youth Ambassadors Academy Curriculum Topics

        1. Reproductive & Sexual Health
        2. Educational Achievement & College Prep
        3. Health Promotion & Healthy Living
        4. Crime and Violence Prevention
        5. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Education
        6. Entrepreneurship and Career Prep
        7. Communication Skills and Leadership
        8. Community Service, Public Policy, and Volunteerism

YAA in Action!

Since its inception, the YAA has successfully trained Ambassadors to engage in local, national and international outreach raising awareness and educating over 10,000 people to date. The Ambassadors work with mentors and partner organizations to design and present innovative and entertaining health promotion presentations and workshops, distribute educational materials, participate in advocacy campaigns, participate and exhibit at conferences, help the homeless, and perform required community and in-school outreach. Youth Ambassadors have conducted trainings at schools, churches, community centers and other forums.

As leaders, educators and parents, it is our responsibility to educate and develop our young people to become the best they can be. As educators and parents, we bear the awesome responsibility of making our children’s dreams come to fruition. However, parents and educators alone should not bear the burden of developing our young people. Integrated Social Solutions (ISS) has been training and equipping youth to be Peer Educators through its signature program, the Youth Ambassadors Academy (YAA). ISS is a non-profit corporation founded to create and implement strategies to improve the health and well being of families in our communities.

Through its Global Youth Development Division, ISS is expanding the YAA program and developing supplemental youth focused programs. ISS has trained an inaugural class of Youth Ambassadors from the Washington DC Metropolitan Area and Delaware. In addition ISS in collaboration with the Red Cross has trained new groups of Peer Educators in Delaware, Washington D.C., Maryland, and internationally in the Bahamas. These Peer Educators have effectively educated and reached ~ 12,000 people over the last 2 years.

Join us as ISS uses its Youth Ambassadors Academy to take a stand against HIV/AIDS, STD’s, and teen pregnancy. Join us as we shift the paradigm, take charge of our destiny and achieve optimum spiritual, mental, physical and economical health for today’s youth and future leaders. Become a Youth Ambassador today, and make a difference in the lives of others.

Feel free to contact Marques Grandberry (Program Manager) at 302-449-4965 or Brandon Harrison (Program Director) at 302-449-6864 if you have questions or need additional information. With your dedication and commitment we will continue to engage, train and equip youth leaders to become agents of change.

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