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Ring the Alarm!

Many people believe that today’s youth benefit from more opportunities then they did in the past. Yet, there’s an alarming collection of data reflecting the opposite. Statistics show minority and vulnerable youth still continue to suffer disproportionate burdens and disparities in health, life expectancy, education achievement, literacy, poverty, employment, incarceration, and many other social issues.

Answering the Call!

Integrated Social Solutions and the Youth Ambassador Academy Integrated Social Solutions is a non-profit corporation, as described in Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, founded to create and implement proactive solutions to improve physical, mental, economical and spiritual health in our youth and neighborhoods around the world. Through its Global Youth Development Division, ISS developed and implemented its signature youth program, the Youth Ambassadors Academy (YAA) in 2006 with the support of schools, community members, professional and health organizations, government agencies, volunteers and other concerned individuals.